Those grants slipping through your fingers?

We catch them for you.

Helping Deeptech Founders win the right grants at the right time

Swedish consulting trusted by leading Founders and Incubators


Deeptech fundraising has become too hard.

You need more grants, but they're overwhelming.


Where do I find all the right grants for me?

Is the time and effort worth it given the low success rates?

How do I even write a winning grant proposal?


We help you win more grants to scale up faster.

With less dilution and stress

Get clarity on the grants you should apply for at each development stage.

Apply to more grants by aligning them right with your main company roadmap.

Get your proposal right with the support of someone who has won €10Mil.

3 ways we can help you win more grants

Without wasting time in pointless meetings

1. Powerhouse Writing

Get a winner proposal written by us

Delivery: 2-3 Months

Any grant

Full grant preparation done by us

All hands-on work covered

Unlimited access to us anytime

Unlimited iterations until the deadline

2. Grant Writing System

Write a better proposal faster with us

Delivery: Weekly (Pay As You Need)

Grants up to €500k

Weekly 1:1 coaching on grant writing

Weekly hands-on review done by us

High-fidelity interview preparation

Proven tools to write better & faster

3. Fix Your Grant

Get a hands-on review of your proposal

Delivery: 2 Weeks

Grants up to €500k

Fix common issues in most proposals

One review iteration of your full proposal

Video debrief + one 45-min review call

Proven tools to write better & faster

Hear from other Champions 👌🏻

FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions

Enric Villarin, Founder

I've secured +€10,000,000 worth of grants during 6 years as a consultant and as an employee of a Deeptech startup.


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